Each year, me and my wife Hazel have decided to help a different CHARITY, by donating 25p every goal we see at the matches we attend.
Over the years, people and clubs from as far as Coxhoe in Durham down to Penzance in Cornwall have donated as we have visited the grounds and we have raised over £3,500 in the 4 seasons we have run the Charity Blog. As you can see from the Photo above, last season(2014-15) we raised £1325.00 for Support Dogs.

During the 2015-16 season, we are supporting 2 worthy causes


Both Charities aid homeless people and people with mental issues and vulnerable adults.So if you would
like to make a donation(no matter how small) and
you see me at a match, please come up to me or Hazel, we would be very grateful. All Donators will get a mention on the blog and the running total is on the left hand side.

Many Thanks

Rob & Hazel Hornby

Sunday, 17 April 2016


Precision Nottinghamshire Senior League
Premier Division

After leaving Selston Reserves in the morning kick off, I was going to Underwood Villa v West Bridgford, but news had been filtering through that local ref Tim Gregory had headed up to do a pitch inspection and the game was off due to standing water down one side of the pitch, so on to my mobile and a quick call to check Wollaton was on sent us through the village roads and on our way. On arrival we was greeted by the Wollaton Committee and management and then I popped in to see Ibby todays referee and his assistants, then the FC Cavs changing room for a chat with manager Martin.

The game kicked off at a very good pace with both sides attacking, infact Cavs had a couple of good chances, but after 26 minutees, Sean Green smashed hiss shot against the bar and ALEX DOYLE was first to react to knock the ball home.

Wollaton needed that second goal but Cavs were playing as a good unit and chances were down to a bare minimum for the home club, though they had the lions share of the play, but Cavs were still in this game. As we were heading towards half time on 42 minutes, a corner from the right was floated in and top striker SCOTT LITCHFIELD headed home(see photo above).

After a half time cuppa it was back outside to pitchside where it began to snow for 5 minutes, but this didnt affect the committment from the players on both sides, as every tackle was earnt.  After 65 minutes came the goal of the game and the one that sewed up the points for Wollaton, from a long free kick, Scott Litchfield headed down and RYAN STARK hit home in a similar goal of the Hereford v Newcastle style in 1972 to make it 3-0.

Quote after the match from FC Cavaliers Manager Martin Hickey..I am very proud of the way my players have performed today


Photos from the match can be seen on this LINK

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